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Locked Out? Looking for an expert Brighton Locksmith with prices starting at £33 then call Brightons Locksmiths now. Most jobs attended in around 30 minutes. No Vat or Call Out Fee. All the best keys and locks held in stock.

As an expert Locksmith Brighton, most locks can be accessed in a matter of minutes using the latest non-destructive methods. 95% of jobs completed in under an hour. You benefit with lower prices and great locksmith Brighton’s service that’s second to none. Call now for a free quote and fast service.

Locksmith Brighton Fast & Reliable

locksmith Brighton mortise lock key in doorLocksmith Brighton are your number one for fast response locksmith services 24/7 365 days of the year. We deal with all sorts of locksmith tasks and provide a professional, comprehensive service to those in need when they need us.

Locksmith Brighton operates 24/7 365 days of the year with no call out charge and no VAT to pay across any of our services call today and speak to one of the professionals at locksmith Brighton today and see how much time, money, and hassle we could be saving you today!

Locksmith Brighton are here 24/7 with locksmiths able to come to you right away or at a later time to suit you. With dedicated office advisors on hand to speak to you whenever you need too locksmith Brighton should be the first locksmith business you call when you’re in need of locksmith services in and around the Brighton & Hove area.

Local Solution For Every Problem With Locksmith Brighton

When you call locksmith Brighton, we know that in 99% of situations it’s because you want to be able to get back inside your home or business quickly. We have established a service that provides a fast-response and a fast solution for our customers regardless of the problem, with the aim of reducing the disruption or added stress to their day.

Brighton Locksmith

We are proud to have been serving the local needs of Brighton’s residents and businesses for years and use this experience to be the best at what we do. We have seen many lock-related issues and use this expertise to continually work on delivering a faster, more effective solution. We build on this by training in the latest industry knowledge and using the latest tools, which aids us in our destructive and damage free approach.

There are a range of reasons you might require a locksmith and not all of that is an emergency. Being locked out of your home or business is a stressful experience but whether it is a case of forgotten keys or a snapped key in the lock, we can provide you with a new lock and key with minimal destruction to your door. Outside of this situation, you might be concerned about the adequacy of your home security and want an update. We’d be happy to give you peace of mind by advising you on the types of home security we can offer suited to your budget and your specific concerns.

If you call us today one of our office team will be able to give you some friendly advice and the recommended service that you require, with a free quote to match. We operate on a 24/7 basis so we are able to fit in with your schedule and the demands of life, regardless of what time or when that is. We are flexible so you don’t have to be!

Consider An Update With Locksmith Brighton

Locksmiths are incredibly useful to have on hand when you are facing an emergency situation of being locked out of your home, and being a local service we can respond prompty to be on your doorstep in under an hour. However, that’s not all that they, and we, do. Here at locksmith Brighton, we can get you the home security solution that is suited to your home or business. As burglaries get more sophisticated, we urge our customers to match this with a security system capable of withstanding a break-in.

locks upgraded by locksmith brighton

What we can offer you is a security survey aimed at examining the weaknesses of your home or business. We can also discuss with you particular concerns and get an idea of your budget. With this whole picture, we can offer you a variety of security updates that will give you peace of mind. For businesses, this can include security shutters on doors and windows, while with home owners it can be as simple as a door chain on the low budget end of the spectrum. It needn’t be expensive or disruptive to feel safe in your home, and we want that for you today!

We’d love to get started in finding your perfect security solution today, and if you call us one of our office team will be able to advise you on your options and book someone in to come and inspect your building. We only charge for the service we provide, so you won’t get a call out fee or VAT charged on our services or parts, just a transparent and competitive price. By operating 24/7, we can come and meet with you whenever is convenient for you, so whether you’re coming home from a long day at work or closing up your business for the day, we will be there.

Security That Lasts With Locksmith Brighton

Here at locksmiths Brighton we have been delivering security solutions and the high quality lock installations for all our customers in Brighton for years. It is our mission to ensure that both local residents and businesses feel that their property is the most secure it could be and can withstand the latest sophisticated burglaries and break-in attempts. We can start by offering an inspection of your property and highlight to you the weak spots. We can then discuss a range of security options from small additions such as security chains that give our elderly customers a peace of mind, to security bars which is something we have in mind for local businesses. We know that most local businesses can’t afford to lose a week or day’s takings from a burglary, and want you to have the peace of mind knowing that your business is secure.

locks changed in doors

Being a local locksmith service is the heart of what we do. We have been established as locksmiths in Brighton for years and offer a friendly, professional service that has been relied on by the community for a number of years. We work hard to ensure that the solutions we give customers are consistently the best and most effective. We use our experience solving all kinds of lock related issues to deliver customers with a solution that we know works best. Not one to slack off, our locksmiths at Brighton Locksmith also continually train and update their industry knowledge to ensure that we don’t fall behind with the times. So when you call Brighton locksmiths, you’ll only ever get the best.

This attitude extends to our pricing. We offer completely transparent pricing for our customers and this starts when you call us with your problem. We will tell you there and then what service we can provide you with and how much that will cost. This won’t change – there will be no additional hidden fees or a call out charge, and we won’t even charge VAT on top. Quality locksmtih services will always be affordable for the customers of Brighton. If you’re facing a snapped key in the lock, a lock-out situation or need a lock repair or installation, call us and we will respond fast to get you back inside as quickly as possible. It’s never a stress when you call Locksmith Brighton.

Available All Day And All Night Even In Winter

24/7 locksmithThis time of year is exceptionally cold. It would not be a good idea to get locked out at this time of year. Not only would it be really really cold but there’s a strong chance that you might catch a fever. What you need to do in the event of getting locked out is to call locksmith right. We can be with you very quickly. Not only do we offer a fantastic locksmith Brighton service to open your doors, we understand that when the evenings are winter like and very cold, you do not wish to be stood outside your door for a long time.

You will be very aware that certain materials at this time of year are Prim to failure. As with all the industries and materials, locks on their exception. The materials used to make locks and the material used to make your house is also a victim to the weather. For that reason, it is necessary to ensure that in the event that your locks cause you a problem during these winter months that you call locksmith Brighton as soon as possible.

Ensure that during these cold nights that you do not become the next victim for the burglar looking for easy opportunities. During the winter months you must be extra careful to make sure that your windows and locks are secure. If you call a locksmith at this time of year we will make sure that you have the latest locks and security features at your home. We are available all day and all night.

Locksmith Brighton For Lock Outs

locksmith Brighton door handle

Locked out in the Brighton & Hove or surrounding areas? Need a locksmith either right away or at a later time to suit you? Look no further than locksmith Brighton as we’ve got you covered, not just now or in the day but 24/7 365 days of the year. What’s more is that we don’t charge call out fees and we don’t charge VAT either!

Locksmith Brighton has over 20 years experience and with dedicated locksmiths and office advisors on hand at all hours of the day we should be the first locksmith you call when you need some locksmith work doing, and you want it doing fast, and professionally.

Call locksmith Brighton now and speak to one of our friendly trained advisors today about all of the amazing services we offer to you at your home or at the workplace. Locksmith Brighton are here for if and when you need us and will never try to sell you parts or services we don’t think you need. Call now for a honest, local, comprehensive locksmith service to your door!

Locked Out Is No Problem With Locksmith Brighton

Being locked out your home is so common, we have all or will all do it at some point. Your heart sinks, you feel very panicked and stressed and might go blank on what you should do in that moment. Let us tell you – call locksmiths Brighton. We respond fast to our customers emergencies to get them back inside to safety as quickly as possible. Working effectively without compromising on quality, we possess all the knowledge and tools to make the entire experience as stress-free as possible for you today.

A 24 hour service means that we can respond to these emergencies at any time of the day or night. Customer safety is at the heart of what we do here at Brighton locksmith. We want you back inside as quickly as possible as much as you do, so when you call we aim to be there in 1-2 hours, or even less in some cases. Rely on us in an emergency lock-out situation or when you have snapped your key in the door.

snapped key in lock resolved by locksmiths

It might not be an emergency you need us for, however. Locksmiths are incredibly useful for making you safe in your home in day-to-day life. Your home probably isn’t the safest it could be right now – we all have weak spots in our homes vulnerable to be exploited by burglaries that are getting increasingly more sophisticated. We can offer a security of your property, let you know the weak spots and what specific security upgrades we can offer tailored to those. These include door chains, window locks, anti-snap locks and security shutters for businesses. Be the safest you can be today by calling us! We don’t charge VAT on our prices which are already competitive in Brighton and completely transparent about what they include, which isn’t a pesky call-out fee.

Emergency Locksmith Brighton

Being locked out of your home can be stressful and scary, and locksmiths Brighton is glad to have helped many customers out in that situation. Our locksmiths respond fast to emergency calls to get customers back inside their homes fast, helped by our 24 hour service. We aim to be with customers between 1-2 hours and complete most work under an hour, ensuring that you will be back inside the warm security of your home in no time at all.

lock changes

Brighton locksmith has been working as a high quality locksmith in Brighton for years, standing out because of its expertise, reliablity and affordability. Using our years of experience solving all kinds of lock problems with all different types of locks, we guarantee that brighton locksmiths will know what approach to take when it comes to yours. This makes our approach more efficient and our solutions long-lasting. We can be relied on to deliver this service time and again no matter what time you call us, so if that’s 2am, you’ll still get the same service.

Our pricing is based on being a local locksmith serving the needs of the residents and businesses in Brighton. We are proud to support local and our customers do the same to us, that’s why we ensure our prices won’t break the bank and are competitive as possible. When you call we will give you a free quote that doesn’t include VAT or any unnecessary call out fees, that we will stand by right until the end. Rely on us today and call locksmith Brighton.

What is a security master key system?

To have several different keys, as in not complete copies to one lock is to have a this feature. What a security master key system provides is the possibility of having a master key which fits many locks and individual keys which fit only one of the locks in question. It’s common to find in apartment situations and in business situations. This way moderation of access is done effortlessly by providing the key holder with the right one for the access they are entitled to.

If you are looking into getting a master key system for your home or business. To help you. Here are some definitions and terms that you might meet along the way.

Keyed to Differ means that the key is able to only open one specific lock. As with the regular locks you usually come into contact with.

what is a tiered master key lock systemWhen speaking of keyed alike the reference is to a key that open a number of locks. For security master key system installed at home an example would be, that the same key can be used to open both the front and the back door. The feature can of course be extended to work for any other door you have in mind. Master keyed is the key that opens all the locks which are part of the system.

You can find the most extensive security master key system in the business world and in circumstances involving large buildings. Often for the use of caretakers, managers and other staff which needs an all access key. The system is not only highly secure, but can be developed and tailored to your needs. With the right type of practical grouping and arrangement to suit your needs.

If you would like to read more about the benefits of implementing a security master key system. Feel free to do so here.

Lock Outs

Locksmith Brighton have over 20 years experience and at locksmith Brighton we make all of that experience count as much as we can, every day we face the same types of locks that we’ve been dealing with from the beginning , with the exception of a few new ones of course.Locksmith Brighton fixes broken door

Locksmith Brighton get to you fast in an emergency, that’s why we say locksmith Brighton in a lock out situation, even if you’re not locked out and it’s not urgent we can still come to you at a time to suit you if you have a busy schedule. Locksmith Brighton want everyone in Brighton and the surrounding areas to know that they can rely on our services for any of their locksmith needs at any time on any day.

Locksmith Brighton are open 24/7 365 days of the year for you, that’s not just our locksmiths but that’s our trained office staff manning our phones too. That’s how dedicated we are to making it easy for you to get a locksmith out to you in Brighton. Call today.

Handy Tips From Locksmith Brighton

Getting locked out is a stressful and unpleasant experience and we guarantee that at some point we will all experience it. Luckily, locksmiths Brighton has helped numerous customers out of this situation and with our years of expertise we know how to do the job fast without compromising on any of the quality. And when we replace your lock, it will be a long-lasting one, ensuring that you are secure in your home for longer. With our 1-2 hour response time, and completion of jobs in under an hour where possible, Brighton locksmith will get you back inside in no time at all.

locksmiths providing security

However, there are some things that you the customer can do to prevent this from happening day-to-day to ensure that your keys either do not go missing, or get lost from your pocket or bag. Getting into a routine of what you do with your keys enables you to keep better track of them. We advise you to put a bowl or dish in your hallway to put your keys in. This ensures the first thing you do when you come in is put them in the bowl, and you pick them up just before you leave the house. So you won’t lose them somewhere in the house, or forget them when you leave!

Another great tip for when you’re out and about, is getting a key ring for all your keys. This bulks them out a bit so that they’re harder to lose and keeps all your keys in one place. You can also attach them to your bag, jeans, put them on a lanyard. These tips cost little but might save you paying for a locksmith time and again from continually lost keys! But if you are locked out – don’t worry. Our affordable locksmith services are on hand 24 hours a day, so that you can be sure Brighton locksmiths will have your back to get you back inside quickly.

Always there for new homeowners

door openOne of the favourite parts of our job is being with individuals when they’re moving into their new home. Owning your own home is something which is rightly made out to be a big deal in most people’s lives. It forms not only a sanctuary, but gives you something of value and is rightfully yours. Locksmith Brighton are there for new homeowners because amongst all the excitement, it can be very easy to forget the importance of securing your new property.

The first thing which should always be done without fail is to change the old locks on the property. This may sound like unnecessarily overbearing, but your locksmith Brighton will always recommend action which puts the interests of safety first. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know who has access to your property. Not only do you not know how recently the locks will have been changed, but you don’t know how many keys were cut and how many may still be held by former residents. As such, it is an excellent habit for new homeowners, whenever they move, to ensure that the locks are changed.

Many new homeowners consider doing this themselves. After all, they think it will save cost for them to install a new lock themselves, especially considering the great outlay buying the property would have meant. However, the risks of such action far outweigh the benefits and when it comes to safety and security, this should never be considered. The best course of action is to call your local locksmith Brighton who can provide a prompt and reasonably priced service, removing the stress that a bad, defective installation may cause.

Not only this, but our locksmith Brighton team are always dedicated to going the extra mile for customers, especially new homeowners. You may not know the extent of the security at your property and a specially arranged security survey conducted by your locksmith Brighton will allow you to get a good idea of its current state. You’ll always be provided with a range of options which your locksmith Brighton can implement immediately or a time convenient to you should you so wish to have them enacted.

New Lock Installations

Here at Brighton locksmith we have over 20 years experience and that’s experience we have to use every day from each day to the next. locksmith Brighton never knows what we might have to face in the day so locksmith Brighton likes to be prepared. From our emergency lock outs to our fast response times to our competitive rates locksmith Brighton have got you covered whatever your needs may be.Locksmith Brighton installs sash locks

One of the lesser requested but harder tasks and services we offer is our new lock installations these are a little trickier than your average lock replacement and here’s why. See with a normal lock replacements because the lock replacements already have the space in the door for the lock so no joinery is required where as with a new lock installation there is joinery involved because the door was previously plain.

First the locksmith must make space in the middle of the door for the lock body, once the lock body has been placed in the door and tested parallel goes the space in the door frame for the striking box. The lock body is the part of the lock that houses the deadbolt and the key hole and the lock mechanism. The striking box is where the deadbolt goes in the door frame when the key is turned and the lock is locked. Call now and get your new lock installation today!

Brighton Locksmith Stands Out From The Rest

What differentiates Brighton Locksmith from the other locksmiths in Brighton, is that we believe in a customer-first approach. That means customers are able to trust in the services of a locksmith that cares about them, and prioritises the things that they care about. One of the things that matters to us here at locksmiths Brighton is that we are putting our customers first and making their lives easier, because if we do this then they will sort out their lock issues and prioritise this. This is important to us because locks are closely linked to home security and customer safety.

door lock replacement lock installation

Being able to call on a local locksmith any time of day, any day of the week, means customers are able to get themselves sorted regardless of what time that they call. So if you’ve got a lock that needs repairing, window locks that need installing, or your lock is old and you need a new one with anti-snap locks to complete the picture, then you can call on us. We’re here to provide you with better security, better quality locks, and a better peace of mind. And you only need 1 hour of your week! When you call us, we will be able to complete any job you ask of us within the hour, simply because we’ve had years of practise at perfecting the right approach to any lock-related issue. Just call on Brighton locksmiths and tell us when is convenient for you. It’s that simple.

All of this might sound too good to be true or that it comes at an extortionate price. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. For locksmith Brighton, it gives us great joy to be able to provide such high quality services for such a low price. When you call us we are able to give you a quote over the phone for the specific service that you require and it’ll be competitive to those around the area of Brighton. It makes no sense to us to put the customer first without considering a budget, and in order to encourage customers to give themselves a security-first mindset and put lock security first, we want to make our prices as affordable and services as accessible as possible.

Upvc Door Repairs Brighton

Here at locksmith Brighton we’re dedicated to dealing with all types of locks and lock out situations, but that also means we need to be prepared for all types of doors, keys, and all other types of security system. Locksmith Brighton deal with absolutely loads of Upvc doors over the years and now we’d even call ourselves specialists. Locksmith Brighton carry all parts for most types of upvc doors on our vans at all time which means that even if we come out expecting something wrong with your upvc multi point locking mechanism and it actually turns out to be just a simple cylinder job, we can just go back to the van and replace your euro cylinder with a shiny fresh anti snap and anti pick euro cylinder to fit your upvc door no matter the measurements.

Locksmith Brighton suggest that even if you don’t get your euro cylinders replaced by ourselves, that you should always check if your locksmith is using anti snap locks at least, this will mean that you’re safe from the most common type of break in through upvc doors which is a method of break in call lock snapping. Crooks use lock snapping to take advantage of a flaw in the design of these euro cylinders that aren’t anti snap, however if you take the time to check if your locks on your upvc doors are anti snap, and they are then you don’t have to worry about anyone getting into your house.

Call locksmith Brighton and speak to one of our trained advisors today, we won’t make you speak to any automated robots or machines, or put you on hold for half a day waiting to speak to someone, we’ll put you straight to the right person and they’ll guide you with anything you need assistance with.

upvc door repairs brighton

Helping your small business go keyless

night-latch fitted by locksmith Brighton Nearly every house and business premises we attend for emergency or routine locksmith work have similar locking mechanisms. The majority are all based around the same traditional locking systems that have been securing our homes and places of business for centuries now. There’s obviously a reason they have survived and that’s because they are incredibly effective at what they’re meant to do. Unfortunately, they’re let down by one thing: keys. When you lose a key, it may mean you have to replace the whole lock if you don’t have a spare. If the key breaks, you will need a new lock. What’s more, an exposed keyhole leaves your door and subsequently your property, exposed to outside intruders who are may be able to “pick” your lock.

With the technological developments in the security market increasing exponentially year-on-year, your locksmith Brighton has taken this time to retrain in order to provide an effective service that stays in line with developments. This means that your locksmith Brighton is fully qualified and highly trained to assist both houses and business premises with smart and electric locks.

The latter have proved particularly popular amongst small business owners in the area. For example, we have had a large increase in calls from office spaces enquiring about electric strikes. The most likely place you would have seen these before would be on the doors of flats with a shared communal hall space. Instead of having to go downstairs and unlock the door each time, they are fitted with an electric strike, in conjunction with a telecom, which can be opened with a buzzer. However, these usually still have a keyhole. If using an electric strike in a shared space, these can be installed with any electrical signalling method such as a key code or swipe card. Not only does the simplify your security, it removes the risk of a keyhole being used to break-in to your premises. Similarly, we also recommend electromagnetic locks as an option. These act in a likewise fashion and with an incredible holding strength, can add outstanding security to your premises.

As with all services offered by your expert locksmith Brighton, a friendly professional will always be available to take your call and assist you with your specifications.

Different Types Of Locks

Here at locksmith Brighton we deal with many different types of locks and whilst we feel like we’ve dealt with every single possible type of locks, there are three types that keep coming up over and over again much more frequently than the others, these are;

  • Mortise Locks – Mortise Locks are the most stubborn out of the three, their usually found on front doors of houses and can only be unlocked by a key from both sides. These are the hardest to break through and the most expensive to replace.euro cylinders
  • Euro Cylinder – euro cylinders are the cheapest to replace and the easiest to replace they can either be unlocked with a thumb tab on the inside and a key on the outside or a key on both sides. Commonly found on Upvc doors.
  • Night latch – Commonly referred to as Yale locks, however yale are just a brand of lock famous for their night latches although they do make other types of lock as well. Commonly found in flats and apartment buildings to ensure anyone can escape the building without a key needed.

All of the locks we use are a 100 per cent in line with their corresponding British standards, so you won’t have to worry about your home insurance policy. If you have a question about any of our locks or the brands that we use don’t hesitate to call our office staff who will be more than happy to answer any question you might have for them.

Locksmith Brighton For The Busy

There’s something reassuring about having a local locksmith you know you can call on any time. And when we say anytime, we really do mean it. Locksmiths Brighton works 24 hours a day so that it can be there for all customers whenever they need us. Commonly, lock out situations occur when customers return home from work, realising that their keys are not in their pocket. So it makes no sense for our work hours to cut off right when customers need us. Instead, we aim to be make customers more secure at any time of the day or night.

misplaced keys locked out

Aside from responding to emergeny calls at all hours with a response time of 1-2 hours and a work time of under an hour, we can be flexible too. As life gets busier and more demanding, there are fewer hours free that fit neatly between 9-5pm. So it makes sense for us to work outside of those hours so that whenever you are free, even if that is in the evening, on a weekend or even a public holiday. Lock issues aren’t convenient but you can request our quality locksmith services from Brighton locksmiths whenever it is convenient for you.

There are a wide range of locksmith services that we can provide for you today. These are all aimed at improving your security today. If you have a partner that has recently left the home or an employee that has left the business and was a keyholder, consider a lock change. These ensure that you’re the only key holder with access to your home, improving your home security. We can also provide home-wide security improvements starting with security surveys and ending with upgrades, installations and changes to your home aimed at tightening up the level of your home security today. All these and more at an affordable price, and only a phone call away.

British Standards And Insurance

Here at locksmith Brighton it’s our duty to make sure all of our locks are in line with British standards. This is because if they aren’t and we fit a lock to your door and then get burgled, your insurance companies might be well within their rights not to pay out. Although this might sound like a shady move on the insurance companies behalf, it’s actually there to protect you from being sold weak locks.

No one can tell how strong or good a lock is by looking at it and that’s why the British Standards Institute test and rigorously put a lock through it’s paces including seeing how it fairs against the most popular method of breaking in for that particular lock. There are a few different standards that relate to the different types of locks and lock purposes and these are;

Locksmith Brighton fitting British standard locks

British Standard Kite Mark

BS3621 – This covers all mortise and cylinder rim locks that take keys from both sides of the lock. This standard ensures that as long as an attempted intruder has the keys they won’t be able to gain access to your property through fault of this lock.

BS8621 – This covers all locks with keys for the outside access but the ability to be locked and unlocked from the inside without a key and that’s why they’re used in flats and apartment buildings, so in an emergency anyone can get out in an emergency situation such as a fire.

BS10621 – This covers all locks that only lock from the outside with a key, but can be opened from the inside depending on whether they key was turned enough to disable this.

Stay within these British Standards for all locks you may buy or replace in the future and you’re sure to be safe when it comes to claiming on insurance.

Deter criminals with locksmith Brighton hints and tips!

security fenceWhen protecting your property, the most important thing to do is firstly think of the security of your front door. What basic security measures that your locksmith Brighton recommends depends entirely on the type of door you have. If you have a wooden door, we recommend, as a minimum, the installation of a mortise deadlock. Similarly, if you have a UPVC door, you should have an anti-bump, anti-snap euro cylinder lock. Ensure these are both British Standard and if you are unsure of their quality, give your friendly locksmith Brighton a call and they will be able to diagnose the strength of your security over the phone.

Whilst this is all important, it’s also necessary to ensure that any potential burglars don’t target your property in the first place. In fact, it’s really not as difficult as it may first seem. Its often a combination of many small practices and habits, rather than large, time-consuming ones. With this in mind, your locksmith Brighton would like to suggest some hints and tips to prevent burglars even considering your property.

Burglars will tend to look at how security conscious they believe the property to be. This means they will quickly examine the number of locks, lighting and even small matters such as whether a gate has been left open or not. They will also for anything outside your property which they can use to get in. This means tools which assist in actually getting in and also objects which can be used to climb. It sounds obvious, but it’s important to ensure such equipment or garden furniture is not left out overnight. Again, this is just inviting trouble from burglars who don’t believe you take your home security seriously. Finally, your windows are literally like a shop. Keep valuables hidden and your property will seem less inviting.

A locksmith Brighton near me can always conduct a security survey of your property at a time convenient to you to highlight any potential weaknesses.

Do I need to have a safe installed?

If you are pondering if a safe for your high value items at home or at work would be beneficial to you. Then the quick answer is yes. There are a great number of benefits to having a secure place to store your valuable documents and irreplaceable heirlooms. A home safe, although a bulky security measure, is an investment that we recommend.

To have a safe installed at home is not only great to prevent theft of the items closest to your heart. To have it done by a caring and trusted local provider is even better. Whether it’s the day’s takings for your business, your great great grandmother’s tiara, or if it’s to keep your spare keys and identification documentation under high security. Having a safe installed by a professional is well worth the cost.

It’s a one time investment which will last. If you are currently browsing what is available on the market you might be harrowed by the number of products on the market today. Speaking with a local expert on the topic is an excellent addition to your investigations.

You might think that with great security in place for your building, that you don’t need to have a safe installed. This assumption is only partially right since although risk can be minimised, it can never fully be removed. A properly installed safe is as close as you will get to ultimate safety for your items.

In addition to all the benefits that having a safe installed and as you may have already seen when looking into the question yourself. Most safes also provide protection against fire and flood. For help on the matter feel free to ring us at any time. We are happy to inform and advise based on our long history in the security business. Naturally all the help with installation you will need is also available here.

New local business? Don’t get caught out

Have you just set up a local new business in Brighton? It’s important to prtect that business from the moment you own it from any burglaries that can really set back your business. Locksmith Brighton has helped countless new businesses over the years get their premises adequately protected and deterred against burglaries. We have also had to help in the aftermath when the burglars have already gotten in. This is especially sad for us as a local locksmith because we know that had they come to us before we’d be able to get them more than adequate security protection.

lock outs resolved by locksmiths brighton

Don’t wait until it happens, protect your business. It should be the first thing you think of before opening. While you might not keep your daily takings on site, there will still be property and equipment on site that burglars will try and take. Or they might just be opportunists seeing if there is anything valuable onsite. Even if there isn’t, that break in will still cause damage to your property and set you back in both costs and how quickly you can re-open.

We can provide a variety of options here for you here at locksmiths Brightons. Some of those options can be more robust like security shutters and bars, and others will be simple changes that cumulatively make a huge difference. It will begin with a security survey by one of our expert locksmiths from Brighton locksmiths, who can point out the weak points that provide opportunity of access for burglars. From there we can sit with you and discuss the options you can take to tighten up your business security today.

Professional security advice for new homeowners

Locksmith Brighton set's up security lightingSo you have finally made the big leap and now own your own home. This is a joyous day and your locksmith Brighton congratulates you on the big move. However, now you have far more responsibility for your property compared to when you previously were only a tenant in someone else’s home. However, do not fear, your friendly locksmith Brighton is here to offer you some advice and services to ensure your property is adequately protected under lock and key.

The first thing you should do is make sure you change the locks on your new home. This is recommended by your locksmith Brighton for whenever you move house. As a matter of precaution, you do not know how many keys were previously cut and who still might have access to your home. If there are a number of locks that need to be replaced, your locksmith Brighton will always offer a reasonable deal to save the already almighty expense of moving home.

The second thing is to conduct a thorough security inspection of your property from the outside. If you are unsure of how to do this, your friendly locksmith Brighton team regularly carries out such inspections and are always available to offer such services at a time convenient for you. If you do not require our services, then our one tip is for you to think like a burglar. This means looking for what surrounds your property that might make it easy to access. Are there any objects which are easy to climb? For instance, consider planting a pretty rose bush up the side of your fence. This aesthetically pleasing deterrent will keep your home secure and make it delightful to look at.

The trick is to always be one step ahead. If you’re going to be out of your home for long periods, you should invest in security lighting or fake TV lights to switch on in your property. If you are unsure of what security you may need or are simply in need of some friendly advice, call one of our helpful locksmiths Brighton today.

Locksmith Brighton For Busy People

As there are increasingly more and more demands on our time these days, locksmith Brighton understands that people have fewer spaces in their schedule. This can prevent customers getting the much needed security additions and updates that they should get. We make every hour of the day or night possible for a high quality locksmith job to take place by working 24/7. Any time of day or any day of the week we can get customers the locksmith that they need.

home security upgrades

We are confident you can spare an hour in your schedule somewhere for us to come and help you. And that’s the service time that we aim for. By being in the industry so long, we know the right approach to take for every individual lock related job. We have tried, tested and perfected our technique so that we complete the job as fast as possible and to a high a standard as possible. And by staying on top of the latest industry developments, locksmiths Brighton ensure that the solutions we give are still the most modern and the very best. Customers get the benefit of the latest tools, techniques and as a consequence, the best security.

Security is something that Brighton locksmith feels strongly about. When you’re locked out your home its important that you aren’t left stranded outside for very long. That’s another benefit of working around the clock – we aim to be with customers within the hour and will give you a call when we are 15 minutes away. All with the aim of giving customers reassurance both in the moment and in future that they can trust in our professional locksmith services. Call on us to make your property more secure or when you’re locked out of your home and tell us the time convenient to you.

Mortise locks strongly recommend

locksmith deadlock assemblyFor many people, home security still remains much of a mystery. We understand the need to protect our homes, but we’re not quite sure how we’re meant to do it and the best way of doing so. Of course, before thinking about additional ways of protecting your property, it’s important that the basics are done correctly. Therefore, the first place to start should always be your front and back doors.

The first thing to check is the current security present on each door, especially your front door. Unless your property is a new build, there’s a strong likelihood that your front door will be wooden. In this case, it is likely you will have either a Yale lock or a mortise lock, maybe even a combination of the two. Your locksmith Brighton always recommends both in harmony on a door, but never a Yale lock on its own. While these gained popularity due to their convenience to the customer, the cheap price of manufacturing and the ease of installation, they are a much weaker form of protection than a mortise lock.

A mortise lock will either be a deadlock or a sash lock. What you require may well depend on what is already present on your door or what you would like to be present by way of aesthetics. Whatever the case may be your locksmith Brighton can discuss the most suitable option over the phone or in person. It is most likely that your home insurance provider will request a 5 lever British Standard lock in order to validate your policy. Not only are these notoriously difficult to pick, the British Standard means the lock has a longer bolt throw, anti-drill plates and a security curtain to protect the levers. As this is supplied as standard by a locksmith Brighton service, you can be sure you will be receiving adequate protection when upgrading your home security.

Affordable with quality: choose locksmith Brighton

Here at locksmith Brighton we believe in offering customers the best of both: a premium service for a non-premium price. We do many things to the highest standard possible here: the best price, the quickest response time, the most efficient service. We are known to complete most lock related jobs in under an hour so that customers can go back to their busy lives. Just because we offer customers the best locksmith service in Brighton, doesn’t mean that we believe we should charge inaccessible prices for it.

Brighton locksmith installs new locks

Rather, locksmiths Brighton believes in being as affordable as possible so that even more customers can access to the kinds of service that we offer. Grounded in this goal is our ethos that all customers in Brighton have the right to feel safe and secure in their homes. And even when the work that you request isn’t directly aimed at making you feel safer, getting a sub-standard locksmith in to do the locksmith work risks compromising your home security anyway. A poor quality lock change, repair or installation makes your front door open to burglaries.

The high standard of work that we have been harping on about comes directly from years of working as quality locksmiths in Brighton. Brighton locksmiths has been working for years in the locksmith industry for years and this has allowed us to do two things. Firstly, we have developed the best approach to all kinds of lock related issues and problems so that we can deliver the best solution and service for our customers. Secondy, we are constantly staying up to date in the latest industry knowledge and practises so that we can ensure the work we do really is giving our customers the best solution. Trust in the local locksmith Brighton that can provide professional locksmith services and a low price today.

Home security upgrades made easy

locksmith Brighton upvc euro cylinder installThinking about upgrading your security should not be such a headache. After all, everyone wants to ensure that their property is secure. No matter if it’s for an extended period of time whilst your on holiday or if you’re at work for the day, or even if you are at home at night. The confusion sets in primarily because of the number of options that are now available. A security expert Brighton can now offer a comprehensive range of security installations to protect your property. All our locksmith Brighton team are capable of installing high-tech security such as CCTV and alarm systems, not to mention the niche security upgrades such as anti-thrust plates. If you are confused then the best people to talk to are the team at locksmith Brighton. Our local locksmith Brighton can carry out a comprehensive security survey of your home to assess any vulnerabilities with your security before suggesting any potential work we may advise on being carried out. All works are discussed well in advance so you can decide on the most appropriate security solution.

With all lock installations and lock upgrades your expert locksmith Brighton has affordability at the forefront of any work carried out. After all, everyone in Brighton deserves access to high quality security. With rising crime rates across the whole of the UK, this could never be more important. This is possible from an expert locksmith Brighton that regularly tests all new products that enter the marketplace. With trusted brands such as Yale, ABS and Chubb regularly releasing new products in a highly competitive market it’s important that a trusted locksmith Brighton is able to discern which products offer the best security for the best price. All our cost savings are passed on to the customers as part of a locksmith Brighton dedication to excellent customer service. That does not mean there is ever a skimp on quality. All locks installed are British Standard, which is important as it guarantees effective security and should also ensure validation of any insurance policy you may have.

Local business? Consider a security upgrade

Locksmith Brighton congratulates you on starting your own new business. It must feel like such a big achievement – but while you’re riding high on getting your business off the ground, take a moment to pause and consider whether it is adequately protected. It would be terrible if your local business was set back by a burglar or attempted break in. Even if you don’t keep anything valuable in the shop overnight, opportunist burglars will still break into a store with weak security to see if there is anything worth stealing. And this will result in damage to your business, costing you and setting you back in terms of opening hours while you get it fixed.

fast access in lockouts

Don’t be out of pocket from a break in today, but ensure that you have above adequate security from the moment your doors open. If your premises come with existing security but you’re unsure of its durability, then call on locksmiths Brighton. We are the local locksmith option in Brighton who has been serving the local businesses for years. We have provided so much security over the years and tailored it to individual business types and business owner concerns that we are certain we can provide you with the same.

It all starts with a security survey done by one of our professional local locksmiths. They’ve been working both in Brighton and for Brighton locksmiths for years. So they have a very practised eye when it comes to spotting security weaknesses. From our experience we know how burglars can gain entry to or cause damage to businesses. We aim not only to keep them out, but deter them from trying to prevent damage to your business. Cracked windows and doors are common for attempted break ins, as well as damage done to locks. With things like security shutters, bars and anti-snap locks, we can prevent all this from happening. And none of it will break your business budget!

Business security for domestic properties

safe tickingAs with the rest of the UK, Brighton is unfortunate in having been hit by what feels like a plague of criminal activity. It is unclear what the primary cause may be, but it does appear that the world feels a little bit less safe on the local level currently. It is not the intention of a local security professional to scare customers, merely to bring some reality to the current security climate. This is echoed by the increasing number of calls we receive from customers asking us about any potential upgrades they can invest in.

In fact, there’s certainly been a rise in the number of calls regarding anti-snap UPVC locks. All our locks are fitted as both anti-snap and anti-bump as standard. This is important as it provides that vital layer of protection to your property and makes it much more secure than it would have been before. If you are unsure about the state of your lock, a local locksmith Brighton can inspect the state of your premises by carrying out a security survey and highlighting any potential weaknesses.

Your locksmith Brighton has now begun to recommend customers to look to the business world when considering security upgrades. Whilst commercial properties differ and range from warehouses and industrial complexes to shops and offices, it’s most likely that they all contain a safe somewhere, most likely in the manager’s back office. This is where the day’s takings and other important documentation are kept safe overnight or during the day. Your locksmith Brighton has spent the last couple of years safely supplying, installing and maintaining safes all across Brighton and the surrounding neighbourhoods. We ensure that no matter what your budget may be and what specifications you require, we always use safes which are fire resistant and burglar proof. This gives our customers added peace of mind that, should the worst happen, at least their most important valuables and documents will be kept safe.

Locksmith Brighton Home Security

Home security here at locksmith Brighton, is no joke. We don’t take home security lightly and neither should you, the amount of jobs we attend where homeowners have wished they’d updated there home security before they had to see us is unbelievable. Don’t be like them, don’t play around with your belongings.

security lights installed by Locksmith Brighton For us home security starts in the garden, we like to think of your garden as a bridge from the deep dark unknown to your house, and anyone who makes that path a pleasant one for intruders, or make that path a nervy jumpy path that might make burglars think twice about attempting a break in. If you’re on a budget the best thing to do would be to pick up a external light with a motion sensor to point down your garden meaning you can see everyone who walks up your drive.

Another good tip from us here at locksmith Brighton is to  check the materials and the lock types on your doors, and then with this information do some research into the type of break in most associated with this material door and this type of lock. For example if you have a UPVC door you’d be most at risk of lock snapping and therefore would need to check if your door had anti snap cylinders fitted and fit them if they aren’t already there.

Locksmiths on security: the perfect home environment

Creating the perfect home security can be a challenge – where do you start? Surely that’s really expensive? Where are the weaknesses in my home that burglars can take advantage of? All good questions and luckily the expert locksmith Brighton can answer them for you. We have been in the locksmith industry for so long that we have a practised eye and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to providing customers with the top security in their homes. And we can also provide customers with advice on creating the safest environment. It isn’t all about security chains and CCTV, but also about a mindset that prioritises security.

security surveys and services

Where we begin is with a security survey. The Brighton locksmith will come to your property or premises and assess your existing level of security. They will highlight to you the areas of weaknesses or where the most often attempted break ins are made by burglars, and anything that could help them with that. Using this tailored approach we can then provide you with a tailored set of solutions aimed at tightening up all those chinks in your home security. If you have an old set of locks we might suggest an upgrade to anti-snap locks. If you have older style windows we might suggest lock installations. Our elderly customers particurly favour our security chains on their front doors as it gives them peace of mind and control when it comes to answering the door.

And it doesn’t just stop there, we can help you prioritise your security and create a good routine too. From our experience over the years we have seen customers make the same mistakes when it comes to their security. Frequently misplaced keys lead to lock outs, lax home security can lead to break ins or opportunist burglaries. Locksmiths Brighton can gently correct that to prevent it happening in future. Things like keeping your keys in a bowl by the front door can stop you leaving without them. Keeping valuable away from windows, front windows shut when you’re in the garden and making people in the house responsible for different pre-bedtime security checks can go a long way in the opinion of expert Brighton locksmiths.

Can a trusted locksmith Brighton engineer help me with my lock repairs and replacements?

Fast assistance is important when it comes to provision of services with locks. Change, check or new installations all need to be done as soon as possible when the need occur. Something a skilled specialist in locksmith Brighton regions will know, and abide by. Making sure a great job, fast and done with precision is at hand for you at times of need is our priority. You cannot leave your home open to risk once you’ve notice something is broken or once you’ve noted visible signs of deterioration with your locks. This applies also to you window locks and naturally a locksmith Brighton engineer can assist you also with your window locks.

Lock repair and replace and check in local locksmith Brighton regionOne of our most common affairs is to help people in stressful lockout situation. Here the need is urgent, and often cannot wait any longer than needed. Get in touch with skilled locksmith Brighton technicians now if you have a lockout problem and expect your situation to be resolved. Fast and easy, and affordably with our dedicated workers.

A trusted locksmith Brighton engineer can help you with your lock repair and replacements in a flexible way. And around your schedule. Call now for more information. And don’t forget that prices are competitive and kept low for you by our dedicated market investigators. Good prices and great service, and of course full installation and providing of the materials for your installation is available with local locksmith Brighton professionals.

A skilled locksmith Brighton local knows what you need, both for your office or work environment as well as for your residence. Locks are what we love, and if you employ us to help you with your lock repairs and replacements. You can rest assured that quality will be yours, and that highly trained locksmith Brighton perfectionists have been called in to see to your need.

Discreet security upgrades

securityWhen people think of installing bolts on their door, they often think of an unsightly, thick metallic mechanism that destroys the aesthetic interior of your property. This could not be any more of an unfortunate misconception. Security companies understand the rising need for such mechanisms and have, over the years, becoming increasingly accommodating by ensuring bolts can be both highly secure and aesthetically pleasing. This is good because it is one of the most cost-effective upgrades your Brighton locksmith recommends to all customers.

Wooden doors are usually secured by one of, or a combination of, a mortise lock and a Yale lock. If these two are combined, they are very effective at protecting a property from outside attention as getting through both can be difficult for a criminal. However, should the worst happen, there should be an undetectable layer of security that stops anyone in their tracks. By attaching a bolt to the top and bottom of your door, you can fully fasten the door into the wall or door frame. This means that if someone can get through your key-based locking systems, it is unlikely they’ll be able to get through the bolts securing your door with any ease. Not only is this because they’ll be in places hard to reach, but – you can take it from a locksmith Brighton that tests all security products on the market – trying to break through a bolted door, isn’t easy.

Sliding patio doors can also benefit from bolts. These doors have a weakness that can be remedied by an anti-lift patio door lock. These do what they sound like they do and prevent anyone lifting the door out of the sliding rails. In fact, this keyless locking system actually tightens if force is exerted on the lock in an upwards motion, thus further securing your door. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, we always carry a range of products in our van for you to choose from and further secure your home.

Up to date locks and security

Many of our workers are here due to tradition and passion. They work in the harsh industry of security provision through a love and duty to protect the local community. Though always holding the most genuine of care for the safety of our customers at heart. A truly responsible locksmith service has emerged. Try us for yourself. Speak to us by phoning now.

Locksmith Brighton installs yale night-latchThe fast forward moving industry is in need of hard working minds who always keep an eye on what is current. The security features and locks which worked half a decade ago is unlikely to provide the safety and security which is needed now. Another example of the quick pace held is the integrated systems arriving on the market. You can speak to a local and up to date locksmith provider about your smart home security system installations as well. Where your alarm, monitoring, remote access and other features can be controlled.

Traditionally trained, passionate about current security products and systems. The best locksmith provider choice for you is just around the corner. Phoning is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with us. Quotes are available from skilled and trained and experienced locksmith over the phone right now. Competitive, and high security. Or feel free to pop your requirement though the contact page. Upgrade, keys, locks, alarms, gates, grills, bars. You name it, we have it. Come to a locksmith who can cater for all your needs today.

With a number for a tried and tested emergency locksmith professional in your pocket you simply cannot go wrong. 24 hour access in case of emergency, and quick lock checks, repairs and installations at any time.

Friendly service and fierce security with locksmith Brighton experts

Friendly service and fierce securityThe one thing that you can be absolutely certain of when you call on the accomplished specialists here, is that your security will be to top standard, and thief trying their luck will meet with the maximum amount of resistance.

Locksmith Brighton knows security, having been traversing the fields of security since long before the digital era hit us, and with traditional friendliness and service, as well as some handed down trade secrets, advice from police and mixed with the continuous study and practice with regards to the new products which pour onto the market every year you will struggle to find a better smith in the area. Taking into account the manifold of factors included in security, locksmith Brighton can assist in close to every way, from advice, products recommendations and position and so on.

Speak to the friendly guys and girls which work here today and find out more about your own security and learn more about how you can make your security at home rock solid, even if you are searching for a something passable also by your budget. As the world we live in grow increasingly violent and decrepit, employ the forces of good to keep yourself and what you own safe, locksmith Brighton are here to help keep you as safe as possible for the years to come, and with many long term customers who can testify to the great work we do, also you should join us now. Protect yourself from those desperate enough to go to such means as stealing with a great locksmith Brighton who never turns the moral searchlight off.

Locksmith Brighton Any Time Any Weather

Here at locksmith Brighton we hope you’ve been enjoying the recent heat wave we’ve been having, we know a few people who haven’t been enjoying it as much as you’d think, that’s because they’ve been at work, and in this line of work a heat wave makes things even more difficult. So shall we take some time off and wait for the heat wave to pass? No it’s business as usual for locksmith Brighton. What about charging you more to do the work because of the heat? Absolutely not, we’d never charge our customers more down to something they have no control over!key and lock with Locksmith Brighton

Here at locksmith Brighton we just want to make everything quick simple and easy to use so you don’t have to feel any more stressed out than you already have been in this very stressful time, especially if you’re locked out.

Call today and see if we can’t send someone right away, call our trained office staff and they’ll guide you to the solution of any locksmith problems you may have, or about any of the cracking services we provide. Our trained office staff are trained to handle questions about all aspects of the business so literally ask away they want to us their training. Call today, see what we can do for you!