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CCTV as a deterrent

locksmiths brighton cctv signAt your professional locksmith service we consider our work with locks to only be one part of our overall service. As a company with a vested interest in the customer’s security it is very important to us that any property or vehicle we work on is as secure as it can be. Statistics show that a visible sturdy lock is no guaranteed deterrent to criminals. For superior protection against break-ins, we would urge clients to consider the installation of closed circuit television cameras. Whilst CCTV cannot ultimately stop a burglar committing an offence, the likelihood is that most would-be criminals choose to avoid those areas with a camera present.

Our team are happy to talk you through the benefits of having CCTV installed, and we can reference a wealth of data to prove that as a disincentive against crime, CCTV has the strongest track record. If you do feel you would like to have this added security, the next step  is to decide what the optimum amount and type of CCTV would be for the property or vehicle being insured. Previously, our locksmiths have fitted single static cameras directly above residential garages, as well as installing 20+ top of the range swivel and motion-sensitive cameras around the perimeter of an industrial warehouse. All our staff members who specialise in CCTV have passed individual training and know all there is to know about contemporary cameras used in the UK. After initial consultation, we will offer a quote for labour, parts and equipment, and is this is all satisfactory then the installation can begin.

locksmiths brighton cctvAll clients who have CCTV installed with us automatically register for half-price emergency call-outs. This means that should your CCTV fail in any way, we will endeavour to be out at the property and getting it running again within 2 hours of the call being logged, all at half the price of standard emergency call-outs. For that extra protection and peace of mind, our expert locksmiths strongly suggests giving CCTV installation some consideration. It might save you a lot more than you think!